The Industry Film Archive is a collection of industrial films, also known as sponsored films, made by companies and trade associations between the 1920s and the 1960s to promote a new product, industrial process or even an entire industry. They were originally intended for showing to customers and for limited non-theatrical screenings and were often distributed free to television stations in the early days of television. When viewed now they often seem very dated and even laughable, but serve to illustrate important aspects of modern life which were documented unintentionally: hairstyles, popular fashions, technological advances, social mores, etc.


Today they are often used as stock footage in new documentary productions, either as historical illustration, or to satirical effect. The collection also includes films made for educational distribution to schools and newsreels which relate to American industry and products.


The films in this collection were transferred from original 16mm and 35mm prints and are available for licensing for use in new productions. For licensing information contact